About Us


Bringing out of the minds of connoisseurs, the best of Peanut Butter you could ever taste in addition to associated health benefits. Made with perfectly and flawlessly roasted peanuts to maintain its maximum bio-availability, comes with various other benefits like good digestibility, better muscle gaining and best hunger curb.

Two graduates, in 2018, came together with an idea of providing health enthusiasts the best nutrition for their health goals like fitness, muscle building and sports performance.

In the second decade of 21st century, which is dominantly the young millennials, people are searching for the best peanut butter which is 100% natural, healthy and cost-effective with the perks of taste. So we invested in the peanut butter manufacturing industry, which is growing day-by-day, to provide them with their desired product.

We established NATURE'S BUTTER FOODTECH in OCT 2018 to provide the best peanut butter.

We have been licensed to produce peanut butter by FSSAI (Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India) under
LIC. NO.- 10818021000112

So grab the jar of REHSY and satiate your goals!